Course Objectives

Upon completion of this learn-it module, you should be able to:

  1. Compare elements related to platform- and genre-specific game interface design.
Deus Ex: Conspiracy falls under the Action Genre and combines Adventure, First Person Shooter (FPS) and Role Playing (RPG). Deus Ex" Conspiracy offers a "realistic use of inventory space, ease of hotkey assignments, and a good skill system." (Scalar, 2003) Eidos Forums
Deus Ex HUD Interface
A general rule of thumb when designing a game interface is to use established conventions in design when possible. An interface system that is commonly used and doesn't required the user to learn a new one is preferable to learning new controls.

Often, different genres make use of different interfaces or control schemes, however the actions and options the player must take to play the game -refered to as gameplay- will ultimately determine the control scheme or interface.

"A game system includes one or more actions that the player can take. A game's systems, when combined include all of the actions and options available to the player" (Saunders and Novak, 2007).