J.J. Haefner

Book 3 Isaiah's Land
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Isaiah's Land

Isaiah’s Land is the second book in the Saga of the Markees.

The Government has changed the law and no longer recognizes Native tribes as sovereign nations. Instead, they are considered primitive wards of the United States. All tribes are to be located to reservations; including the peaceful Shoshone who live on their ancestral lands, which are part of the vast Markee Ranch. The Markees are part Shoshone and recognize the right of their tribe to stay on the land and defy the cavalry’s efforts to remove the tribe.

The cavalry is led by Colonel Buck Williams, an ambitious and vindictive man. He has partnered with the killer Deke Sleighton. Sleighton and Williams both have reasons for wanting Isaiah dead. Together, they unleash violence and warfare in an attempt to destroy a peaceful people and their way of life.

The final showdown will determine the fate of Isaiah’s land.

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