J.J. Haefner

Book 1 Isaiah's Law
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Isaiah's Law

Isaiah's Law is the first of the Saga of the Markees. Isaiah returned home after the war to find his fiancé engaged to Union officer Buck Williams. Williams has Isaiah imprisoned, framed, and sentenced to death. Isaiah has done nothing wrong and finds that he has only one choice to survive, he must make his own law. Isaiah escapes and flees west until he is across the plains and in an unsettled land.

Isaiah is not the only person fleeing to the West. The lands are wide open for exploitation and the native lands are being stolen. Thieves, thugs, and tyrants pursue their greed and avarice. They have also made their own laws and are stealing or taking anything they can by whatever force they need. Whether it be land, property, or women makes no difference.

There the Shaman waits. His visions foretold of this time and of the fate of his people. He knows that a man with native blood will come who can preserve the fate of the Shoshone people. The struggle would not be easy and the Shaman never envisioned that part of his salvation was to find a way to merge the understanding of the spiritual paths of two cultures in order to save his own people.

It is this world where Isaiah must fight his greatest struggles.

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