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J.J. Haefner was born and raised in Southwestern Wisconsin where playing among the effigy mounds of Beloit College and along Turtle Creek are fond memories. His interest in Westerns began at a young age when he discovered Zane Grey at his grandmother's house.  He pursued these interests into college graduating with degrees in Literature and History. 

Raising and providing for a family side-tracked much of his creative writing; as did completing a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering. Joe has been writing for professional journals since 1984, with several articles published nationally and internationally. His first book on systems thinking and organizational motivation is due out in October, and will be made available through an international publisher.

His Native American ansestry and his early love of westerns inspired him to write a series of books incorporating Native American spiritualism.  These works incorporate local histories with historical events and characters woven into the fabric of his stories.  It is with this that J.J. Haefner offers the Saga of the Markees, a trilogy of Westerns.